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1930-1950 National Geographic Complete Run of (252)

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The official journal of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic magazine runs the gamut in terms of worldwide culture and history. This uninterrupted run spans (252) monthly issues from January 1930 through December 1950. An ideal reference compilation for the historian or publications buff, the periodical run is comprised of examples whose conditions vary. The issues pre-date cover photography (though there are many alluring photographs on the pages within). Issued by the publication, sturdy leather-bound cases hold mini-runs of four, five or six apiece (dates stamped on spines do not match), with content detailing the exotic and remote from all portions of the globe. Note: due to the weight of this lot, a shipping surcharge will apply. More on our website.

The publications exhibit (VG-EX) or better quality (with interior pages even nicer) unless noted otherwise. And include:

January “Florida – the Fountain of Youth”
February “Seeking the Mountains of Mystery”
March “Flying the World’s Longest Air-Mail Route”
April “Louisiana, Land of Perpetual Romance”
May “Some Impressions of 150,000 Miles of Travel”
June “Honors to Dr. Hugo Eckener: The First Airship Flight Around the World”
July “Norway, a Land of Stern Reality”
August “The Conquest of Antarctica by Air”
September “Jugoslavia – Ten Years After”
October “The Glories of the Minya Konka”
November “This Giant That Is New York”
December “New Greece, the Centrarian, Forges Ahead”

January “Skypaths Through Latin America”
February “Albania, Europe’s Newest Kingdom”
March “Visit to the Old Inns of England”
April “Under the South African Union”
May “Illinois, Crossroads of the Continent”
June “A Round Trip to Davy Jones’s Locker”
July “Konka Risumgongba, Holy Mountain of the Outlaws”
August “On Mackenzie’s Trail to the Polar Sea”
September “New Hampshire, The Granite State”
October “The Citroen-Haardt Trans-Asiatic Expedition Reaches Kashmir”
November “Washington Through the Years”
December “A Modern Saga of the Seas”

January “The Travels of George Washington”
February “Tokyo To-day”
March “Morocco Beyond the Grand Atlas”
April “Out in San Francisco”
May “Ohio, the Gateway State”
June “Flying the World”
July “Colorado, a Barrier that Became a Goal”
August “Ontario, Next Door”
September “Wild Life of the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts”
October “Into Burning Hadhramaut”
November “From the Mediterranean to the Yellow Sea by Motor”
December “The Historic City of Brotherly Love”

January “The Cape Horn Grain-Ship Race”
February “Washington, the Evergreen State”
March “Japan, Child of the World’s Old Age”
April “River-encircled Paraguay”
May “new Jersey Now!”
June “Explorations in the Gobi Desert”
July “Nakwasnia Goes North”
August “The Aerial Conquest of Everest”
September “Pieces of Silver”
October “Exploring the Secrets of Persepolis”
November “New York – an Empire within a Republic”
December “The Road of the Crusaders”

January “Our National War Memorials in Europe”
February “Mrs. Robinson Crusoe in Ecuador”
March “Coconuts and Coral Islands”
April “The Spell of Romania”
May “Land of the Free in Asia”
June “A Patriotic Pilgrimage to Eastern National Parks”
July “Country-House Life in Sweden”
August “Manless Alpine Climbing”
September “Flying Around the North Atlantic”
October “Exploring the Stratosphere”
November “Southern California at Work”
December “A Half Mile Down”

January “England’s Sun Trap Isle of Wight”
February “Petra, Ancient Caravan Stronghold”
March “Minnesota, Mother of Lakes and Rivers”
April “Man’s Winged Ally, the Busy Honeybee”
May “Maine, the Outpost State”
June “Fez, Heart of Morocco”
July “Penn’s Land of Modern Miracles”
August “Great Britain on Parade”
September “With the Italians in Eritrea”
October “Exploring the Ice Age in Antarctica”
November “Preserving Ancient America’s Finest Sculptures”
December “Capital Cities of Australia”

January “Man’s Farthest Aloft”
February “New Zealand Down Under”
March “Northern California at Work”
April “Friendly Journeys in Japan”
May “Utah, Carved by Winds and Waters”
June “Exploring Yukon’s Glacial Stronghold”
July “My Flight Across Antarctica”
August “An August First in Gruyeres”
September “Indiana Journey”
October “Turbulent Spain”
November “Trains of Today – And Tomorrow”
December “Flying the Pacific”

January “As London Toils and Spins”
February “Changing Berlin”
March “Imperial Rome Reborn”
April “The Genesis of the Williamsburg Restoration”
May “By Sail Across Europe”
June “Washington, Home City and Show Place”
July “On Goes Wisconsin”
August “Speaking of Kansas”
September “Machines Come to Mississippi”
October “The Miracle of Talking by Telephone”
November “America’s First Settlers, the Indians”
December “Landscaped Kwangsi, China’s Pictorial Province”

January “Magyar Mirth and Melancholy”
February “Castles and Progress in Portugal”
March “Southward Ho! In the Alice”
April “Belgium – Europe in Miniature”
May “New Mexico Melodrama”
June “Around the World for Animals”
July “Roads from Washington”
August “Our Search for Lost Aviators”
September “Connecticut, Prodigy of Ingenuity”
October “Hawaii, Then and Now”
November “An American Girl Cycles Across Romania”
December “Change Comes to Bible Lands”

January “The Transformation of Turkey”
February “California Coastal Redwood Realm”
March “Charleston: Where Past and Present Meet”
April “Spin Your Globe to Long Island”
May “Highlights of the Volunteer State”
June “Kaleidoscopic Land of Europe’s Youngest King”
July “News of the Universe”
August “Iowa, Abiding Place of Plenty”
September “Rio Panorama”
October “Down the Rio Grande”
November “Buenos Aires: Queen of the River of Silver”
December “Puerto Rico: Watchdog of the Caribbean”

January “On Danish By-Lanes”
February “Our Most Versatile Vegetable Product”
March “Modern Odyssey in Classic Lands”
April “By Felucca Down the Nile”
May “Salty Nova Scotia”
June “Seeing Our Spanish Southwest”
July “Old Masters in a New National Gallery”
August “West Virginia: Treasure Chest of Industry”
September “The American Virgins”
October “Return to Manila”
November “Indian Tribes of Pueblo Land”
December “Aviation in Commerce and Defense”

January “British West Indian Interlude”
February “Cotton: Foremost Fiber in the World”
March “So Oklahoma Grew Up”
April “Everyday Life in Wartime England”
May “Airplanes Come to the Isles of Spice”
June “Life in Our Fighting Fleet”
July “Around the Clock with Your Soldier Boy”
August “Bombs over Bible Lands”
September “Expedition Unearths Buried Masterpieces”
October “Daily Life in Ancient Egypt”
November “Canada’s War Effort”
December “U.S. Roads in War and Peace”

January “Westward Bound in the Yankee
February “Parade of Life Through the Ages”
March “Revolution in Eating”
April “The Making of an Anzac” (has torn page within)
May “As 2,000 Ships Are Born”
June “Treasure Islands of Australasia” (several cut or torn pages)
July “The New Queen of the Seas” (American flag marks first-ever use of color on front cover)
August “Blood, Toil, Tears and Sweat”
September “Strategic Alaska Looks Ahead”
October “Wartime in the Pacific Northwest”
November “QM, the Fighting Storekeeper”
December “The Miracle of War Production”

January “Glass Goes to Town”
February “Alaskan Highway an Engineering Epic”
March “San Francisco: Gibraltar of the West Coast”
April “The Long River of New England”
May “Valiant Russia’s Industrial Might”
June “The Traditions and Glamour of Insignia”
July “Americans on the Barbary Coast”
August “Iran in Wartime”
September “Wartime Washington”
October “India – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow”
November “Cruise on Escort Carrier”
December “Weather Fights and Works for Man”

January “How We Use the Gulf of Mexico”
February “Paricutin, the Cornfield That Grew a Volcano”
March “The Greek Way”
April “Japan and the Pacific”
May “Liberated Ukraine”
June “Idaho Made the Desert Bloom”
July “Landing Craft for Invasion”
August “The Aerial Invasion of Burma”
September “How We Fight with Photographs" (writing on front cover)
October “Springboards to Tokyo”
November “Infantrymen – The Fighters of War”
December “New Road to Asia”

January “I Lived on Formosa”
February “Gilbert Islands in the Wake of Battle”
March “Return to Florence”
April “Paris Freed”
May “Nebraska, the Cornhusker State”
June “China Fights Erosion with U.S. Aid”
July “War’s Wake in Rhineland”
August “London Wins the Battle”
September “Northeast of Boston”
October “Your New World of Tomorrow”
November “Behind the Mask of Modern Japan”
December “A Tale of Three Cities”

January “Nevada, Desert Treasure House”
February “Air Power for Peace”
March “These Missourians”
April “A Texan Teaches at Cambridge”
May “Bonnie Scotland, Postwar Style”
June “Your Navy as Peace Insurance”
July “Seals of Our Nation, States and Territories”
August “Kumming, Southwestern Gateway to China” (some pages are cut)
September “Arkansas Rolls Up Its Sleeves”
October “Land of the Painted Oxcarts”
November “The Roman Way”
December “Oregon Finds New Riches” (moisture damage)

January “Cuba – American Sugar Bowl”
February “On the Trail of La Venta Man”
March “Miracle Men of the Telephone”
April “Steel: Master of Them All”
May “South Dakota Keeps its West Wild”
June “Washington: Home of the Nation’s Great”
July “The World is Your Garden”
August “Desert River Through Navajo Land”
September “Eclipse Hunting in Brazil’s Ranchland”
October “Our Navy Explores Antarctica”
November “Exploring Ottawa”
December “Louisiana Trades with the World”

JanuaryCarib Cruises the West Indies”
February “Haunting heart of the Everglades”
March “The Wonder City That Moves by Night”
April “Founders of Virginia”
May “Belgium Comes Back”
June “Midshipmen’s Cruise”
July “The Mighty Hudson”
August “Rhode Island, Modern City-State”
September “Exploring the Mid-Atlantic Ridge”
October “Feudal Splendor Lingers in Rajputana”
November “4-H Boys and Girls Grow More Food”
December “My Life in the Valley of the Moon”

January “The Yankee’s Wander-world”
February “2,000 Miles Through Europe’s Oldest Kingdom”
March “Dixie Spins the Wheel of Industry”
April “The British Way”
May “California, Horn of Plenty”
June “Italy Smiles Again”
July “Appalachian Valley Pilgrimage”
August “Our Vegetable Travelers”
September “Minnesota Makes Ideas Pay”
October “Quebec’s Forests, Farms and Frontiers”
November “Because It Rains on Hawaii”
December “War-torn Greece Looks Ahead

January “Peerless Nepal – A Naturalist’s Paradise”
February “Formosa – Hot Spot in the East”
March “Literary Landmarks of Massachusetts”
April “Speaking of Spain”
May “Mr. Jefferson’s Charlottesville” (moisture damage)
June “Montana, Shining Mountain Treasureland”
July “You Can’t Miss America by Bus”
August “Windjamming Around new England”
September “Flying in the “Blowtorch” Era”
October “Peru, Homeland of the Warlike Inca”
November “Miami’s Expanding Horizons”
December “Home to the Holy Land”

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